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Directions from Chania AirportDirections from Chania Airport

  • Follow the signs for Hania (this is the local way of spelling Chania) and drive to centre of town.
  • Once in the centre, follow signs for Kastelli/Kissamos.
  • Continue for 4kms in a westerly direction until you come to a Renault car showroom (right) and BMW car showroom (left), turn left signed Galatas/Daratsos. After approx 200m take the left fork to Daratsos and continue up and over the bridge running over the motorway.
  • Follow road uphill all the way to the village square. Turn left into square and cross it. New Kydonia is opposite you on the hill top, follow signs and take first right up the hill and turn sharp left into the car park.

Chania Airport (Avoiding City)Chania Airport (Avoiding City)

  • Follow Hania signs leaving the airport and turn right at the military garrison onto the Akrotiri road leading all the way into the city centre.
  • Souda Bay is on your left and take the left Souda sign at the small roundabout. Make your way down hill, the bay still on your left side. Follow the road to the traffic lights (supermarket on your right) and turn right at the traffic lights. Progress slowly and take the crown of the road to turn left to follow sign for National Road.
  • The slip road is before the bridge but quite a sharp bend so be careful.
  • On the national road follow directions as coming from Heraklion, take the second slip road Omalos/Agia NOT HANIA and turn left under the bridge.
  • Sharp right 200 yards at the pharmacy, New Kydonia sign on the wall. Continue uphill following the road all the way, do not turn off. Follow to the left at the New Kydonia sign. Just before you reach the village square of Daratsos there is a left turn uphill (signposted) and then sharp left into New Kydonia car park at the top of the hill.

Heraklion AirportHeraklion Airport

  • Leave the airport and follow the signs for Iraklio (Heraklion). Continue going straight until you can see the flyover (approximately .75km) here you will see signs for Hania 142 kms. (You do not have to leave or change roads).
  • During your journey you will also see signs to Rethimno before Hania.
  • After approximately 135 kms there is a sign indicating a right turn for Souda/Chania interchange DO NOT TAKE THIS ROAD, continue straight along the main road until you see a sign for Omalos 36 kms, Chania 4 kms.
  • Go down the slip road and turn left under the bridge continue for approximately 300 metres when you will see a small sign on the gable end of a building on the right which is signposted Kalithea 1km and New Kydonia. (NB. This sign is quite small and not always easy to see, if you get as far as the BP garage you have gone past the turning).
  • Turn right uphill and follow the road, do not turn or veer off this road, for approximately 1.5 kms.
  • New Kydonia signs are spaced at intervals with the last one just before you reach the Daratsos village square, pointing left uphill and then sharp left into the car park. (if you reach the square, you have gone too far).